Jharkhand: Bourgeoisie education in Maoist area.

Artículo de Sanjib sinha,

Jharkhand is the capital of success of Maoist movement in present India. In another way it can be said Jharkhand shows the path of success of Maoist movement in India. It’s one of the resourceful states in India. The state contains different types rich mineral, metal, coal etc. So many heavy industries have been established with the help of the resources. But the proletariat , working class there cant use little part of the resources for the development of their living standard. This proletariat, working class is maximum part of the state population. But pathetically they cant use the resources to provide their foods, cloths, home and their children education. There resources totally are being had , looted by state and international bourgeoisie classes using their oppressing / oppressor state system based on theory of labor stealing ! Against such pathetic anti people system maoist movement there has been powerful! Proletariat class there is seeing a red glorious future protecting the movement. Success of the poor’s movement has made Jharkhand government and bourgeoisie state fear. They are panicked thinking that if in such way maoist movement spreads, how can they be able to continue state oppression? So they have taken a clever war policy this time. The bourgeoisie state has planed to build 203 model schools. In the schools anti socialist teachings would be given. How to continue bourgeoisie stealing, that education would be given to the children. It can be said just attack to the base. Jharkhands pro maoist people should be alert about the clever policy. Good part of the bourgeoisie education should be taken . If the schools are used to preach anti socialist propaganda, armed opposition should be made. Maoist education should be preached in the schools separately.
Long live the poor’s revolution !
Sanjib sinha

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